IDEC designs and manufactures control automation products that are sold to original equipment manufacturers. Their goal is to meet the customers’ ever changing needs with quality products at a competitive price. With products that direct processes and systems, our components are used in a variety of applications. You may see IDEC switches in an elevator, a subway station or on a factory control panel. Our relays, power supplies or timers may be in a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) unit or a water dispensing machine. IDEC PLCs might be controlling robots in a manufacturing process or factory automation setting. In addition, IDEC products can be found at car washes, in vending machines, animal feedlots, escalators, and water treatment plants.

IDEC Products


Pilot Lights


Emergency Stop

Laser Scanner

Interlock Switches

Enabling Switches

Relay, Relay sockets & Timers

Circuit Protectors


Light Towers

Control Stations

Terminal Blocks