HS5 Series Padlock Hasp

Padlock hasps prevent unauthorised insertion of actuators.

  • Ideal to prevent machines from operating when two or more operators are inside the danger zone
  • Accommodates up to four padlocks when the hasp is installed on the interlock switch
  • By providing each operator with a padlock to install on the hasp before entering the danger zone, the machine can not restart until all operators have left the zone and removed their padlocks (use a hasp for five or more operators).

Note: Use of padlocks to ensure safety requires strict observance of opening rules. Safety cannot be ensured if the rules are neglected, such as failing to install the padlocks.

HS5 Series Padlock Hasp Part number: HS9Z-PH5

Note: The HS5D/HS5E/HS5E-K/HS5L interlock switches are ordered separately.

Shackle diameter of Applicable padlock Ø5.5 to 7.5mm
Withstand force 30N maximum
Weight approx. 35g

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