DC10ST Thermometer

Large Format Thermometer DC Series

100mm High digits

Read  up to 50m.


  • Ethernet communication using Web Server
  • Alarms with relays
  • Red, Blue, Green or White Digits



The display is provided with power socket, plugs and screws for mounting to the wall. No specific skills are required for its installation.
The time and display settings can be modified using three buttons located on the rear part, accessible once installed.

Temperature Probe

The probe is lodged in a 20mm diameter support that can be placed inside a metal tube or a clip support. The probe IP Protection level is IP65.

Ethernet Option

The option allows to connect to the display using Ethernet knowing only the IP address. Within the display there is a web server that allows us to see the time, date, level of GPS signal (if the display has the option) and the IP address. The user can also change the display settings. To access the web server the user must enter the IP address of the clock in the browser URL.

Relays Option

Displays with relay option include 2 or 4 relays with 15 programmable alarms for each one. The alarms are programmed using the display web page.

Resolution 0,1°
Precision +/- 0,5°at 25°C
Warm-up time 20s
Power Supply 100V to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Box Thermoformed methacrylate and steel base
Fixing 4 anchor points inside the box
Display Red LEDs
Working Conditions -15°C a 60°C
Protection Level IP41
Battery NI-MH 3,3V
Clock Deviation <2s per month
Measures 440 x 240 x 60mm

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