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  • 12 series Linear Magnetostrictive Sensor

    The Germanjet 12 series non-contact absolute position transducer is specially designed for parison control. It provides feedback of the valve…

  • PZ Series Piezoelectric Keypad

    With a 10 million lifecycle due to movement free activation, the PZ series, a piezoelectric keypad is intended for applications…

  • 17 series Linear Magnetostrictive Sensor

    The 17 series non-contact absolute position sensor is specially designed for hydraulic cylinder to provide precise, direct and absolute position…

  • ULT20 Ultrasonic Level Sensor

    Lumel ULT20 is designed to measure distance/level and after programming functions which process the measured value of distance it can…

  • HS Series Miniature Joystick

    The HS Series miniature joystick is a single pole, MOM-OFF-MOM micro switching joystick. Numerous button styles are available and the HS…

  • EA17 Moving-iron meters

    Moving-iron meters EA16, EA17, EA19, EA12 types are designed to measure a.c. voltage or a.c. current. They measure the true…