DC41SRTHO Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer-CO2

Large Format Clock / Thermometer / RH Measure / CO2 Measure DC Series

100mm and 57mm (CO2) High digits

Read up to 50m (30m)


  • GPS time Synchronisation
  • Ethernet Communication using web server
  • Alarms with relays (+R option)



DITEL DC41SRTHO Clock-Thermometer-Hygrometer-CO2

DC41SRTHO Large Format Clock / Thermometer / RH Measure / CO2 / Hygrometer Measure DC Series

100mm and 57mm (CO2) High digits

Read up to 50m (30m)


  • GPS time Synchronisation
  • Ethernet Communication using web server
  • Alarms with relays (+R option)

DITEL has the widest range of Digital Panel Meters for the monitoring and control of industrial processes. They also have a very complete range of Large Displays that offer a high number of possibilities in terms of visualisation and communication:
Several heights of digits allowing long viewing distances, most common communication protocols available, adaptability to many kind of environmental conditions, numeric and alphanumeric contents,..etc. All these with a view to help your company improving such important matters as productivity, Focus on goals and objectives, Results achievements, Security, etc…

Since its creation in 1984 DITEL has concentrated on the development and manufacture of digital instruments that integrate systematically the highest technology while increasing continuously their flexibility and adaptability to virtually all industrial and service applications. This resolutely innovative approach, reinforced by a solid international network, is positioning DITEL as one of the favourite partner for the industry around the world.

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The display is provided with power socket, plugs and screws for mounting to the wall. No specific skills are required for its installation.
The time and display settings can be modified using three buttons located on the rear part, accessible once installed.

GPS option

The GPS option requires proximity windows or facilities with thin roof. There is a parameter in the display menu for evaluating the quality of the received signal. The antenna has a magnet for fastening ferrous elements and 5m cable.

Ethernet option

The option allows to connect to the display using Ethernet knowing only the IP address. Within the display there is a web server that allows us to see the time, date, level of GPS signal (if the display has the option) and the IP address. The user can also change the display settings. To access the web server the user must enter the IP address of the clock in the browser URL.

Relays option

Displays with relay option include 2 or 4 relays with 15 programmable alarms for each one. The alarms are programmed using the display web page.

Measure Method Auto calibrated NDIR
From 400 to 1250ppm
From 1250 to 2000ppm
±30ppm or 3% of measurement
±5% of measurement + 30ppm
Temperature Drift 0,2% full scale per °C
Pressure Drift 0,13% of measurement per mm Hg
Calibration Interval Not Necessary
Response Time 2 Minutes
Working Conditions 0° to 50°C
0-95% RH without condensation
Temperature Humidity
Resolution 0,1° 1%
Precision +/- 0,5°at 25°C ±3,5% between
30% and 70%
Warm-up time 20s 4s
Antenna Active antenna with 5m long cable and magnetic fixation
Receiver GPS L1
Warm-up time <1 minute
Power Supply 100V to 240V AC 50/60Hz
Box Thermoformed methacrylate and steel base
Fixing 1 side: Against the wall
Display Red LEDs
Working Conditions -15°C a 60°C
Protection Level IP41
Battery NI-MH 3,3V
Clock Deviation <2s per month
Measures 440 x 720 x 60mm

DC41SRTHO R Series

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