DMR08 Clock-Calendar-Chronometer 80 mm


DMR08 is a digital calendar, clock and chronometer with 80 mm  high characters.

It is ideal for visualising both the time and date in indoor environments such as offices, reception halls etc.

We have taken care of every detail to develop this product, especially aesthetics. Thanks to its composition of matrix LEDs it is possible to display all the digits in a more elegant way. It is also possible to adjust the intensity of the brightness of the LEDs in order to fir better with the light level of the place.

We have also considered to minimise to the maximum the size of the product and thanks to our own profiles we have managed a depth of 48 mm. This clock comes ready to hang directly on the wall without any accessories.

No cables or software installation is necessary since all configuration is done using and infrared remote control. All the following parameters can be configured: time zone, time, date, mode of appearance of time and date, brightness, timer, etc.

This clock incorporates precision electronic components that allow a maximum deviation of 2 minutes per year.

This product is available in three different LED colours: Amber, White and Red.


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