DMR100 Clock-Calendar-Chronometer-Thermometer 1000mm

The DMR100 watch is a CLOCK-CALENDAR and CHRONOMETER, with a character height of 1000 mm. It is ideal to display both time and date in outdoor environments and from a great distance (up to 500m).

  • Allows showing the time, date, temperature, ascending or descending chronometer.
  • Precision clock Its deviation is less than 2 min./year.
  • Simple design developed for outdoor or indoor environments.
  • Character height of 1000mm, obtaining a readability distance of 500m.
  • High brightness LEDs, allowing optimal vision even in unfavorable light conditions.
  • It has a brightness sensor to automatically adjust the intensity of the LEDs according to the external brightness.
  • Mini-USB connector as standard.
  • Modular technology Wide variety of communications to adapt to any need according to your installation.
  • Manufacture using extruded aluminium profiles, guaranteeing optimum sealing for exteriors. In addition, quality materials and processes are used in order to give your product great durability.