ND20LITE Series Network Analyser

Central Measurement ND20LITE

The meter ND20LITE is distinguished by a high measurement accuracy, legible backlit LCD display and an attractive price in relation to offered measuring functions. It is the ideal tool to control and monitor energy quality parameters and energy consumption in all industry branches, public utilities or in public service buildings.


► Measurement of:
● Power network parameters in 4-wire balanced and unbalanced systems
● THD factors for currents and voltage

► High accuracy class
► Indicators considering values of programmed ratios
► Backlit LCD 3.5" screen
► Protection grade from the frontal side: IP65
► Digital transmission to the master system through the RS485 interface (MODBUS)
► External dimensions: 96 x 96 m

For more functions, like: archive of power profile, analogue output RTC, harmonics of voltages and currents up to 21st please check ND20 power network meter.