KOS1020 Isolator DIN Rail

The KOS1020  is an input and output loop powered analogue 4-20mA signal isolator.

The small size enables many more units to now be installed in the same physical space.

Their high accuracy permits the addition of isolation to systems without significantly degrading the overall system performance.

The Zero and Span adjustment potentiometers can be used to remove any system errors.

Allows load up to 1200 Ω


This isolator requires no user adjustment during commissioning apart from an initial test to ensure it operates correctly over its full working range. Minor adjustments can be made to the calibration of the device by means of the two front panel accessible calibration potentiometers. Incorrect connections in the loop will not damage the device as long as the specified maximum current/voltages are not exceeded. If the isolator fails to operate check loop for bad connections. Ensure enough voltage is available in the loop to power the isolator. In the unlikely event of the isolator not working, it should be returned to the supplier to be repair or replaced.


This isolator is designed to be housed within a suitable enclosure that will provide protection from the external environment and ensure that the stated temperature and humidity ranges are not exceeded. The isolator case is designed to snap fit onto a standard "Top Hat" DIN rail. The isolator may be removed if required by applying pressure with one hand to the bottom face of the enclosure in a direction parallel with DIN rail and at the same time gripping the top of the isolator and pulling away from the rail. The isolator may be mounted in any orientation and stacked side by side along the rail.


Connections to the isolator are made via screw terminals. Wire protector plates are provided inside each terminal. To maintain CE compliance tested pair (Screened) cables are recommended. It is also good practice to ensure that all 4-20mA loops are grounded at a single point in the loop. Before installation care must be taken to ensure enough voltage is available in the loop to drive the total loop load. Refer to the specifications listed above for the loop drop voltage. The KOS1020 in most applications require a separate supply for the secondary loop. this may be provided from a separate power supply or from the instrument monitoring the output loop.
Refer to the KOS1000 series data sheet for further information on applications of this series of isolators. Please note the isolation provided by this device is only suitable for providing isolation between two process signals and therefore must not be used to provide isolation from hazardous voltages such as mains supplies.

Isolation 500Vac (Flashed tested @ 1kVdc)
Isolation method, opto coupler / transformer
Environment BS EN61010-1 Pollution Degree 2;Installation CAT II; Class I
Ambient 0-70ºC; 10-95% RH non condensing
Linearity 0.05%
Stability 100ppm/ºC
Response Time Less than 100mS to reach 70% of final value
EMC Tested to IEC 801-2 Susceptibility to E.S.D.
IEC 801-3 Susceptibility to Radiated Interferences
IEC801-4 Susceptibility to Conducted Interferences
EN55022 Radiated Emissions
Connection Captive Clamp Screws
Cable Size MAX. 4mm sq solid / 2.5mm sq stranded
Case Material Grey Polyamide
Flammability To UL94-V0 VDE 0304 Part 3, Level IIIA
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 21mm (67.5 above rail)
Mounting Snap on "TOP HAT" rail (DIN EN 50022-35)
Adjustment Front Entry fine Zero and Span Adjustment


The KOS1020 isolator is designed for use when power is available at both sides of the isolation barrier.

Type Current input 2 wire loop powered
Range 4-20mA (30mA MAX.)
Protection Reverse Connection
Voltage Drop 2.7V Maximum
MAX. Loops Volts 35V
Type 2 wire Current Sink 4-20mA
Loop Voltage 5-32Vdc (Reverse protected)
Loop volt drop = 2.7Vdc CARGA 900Ohm @ Vs = 24Vdc
CARGA 1200 Ohm @ Vs = 30 Vdc
Load must be > 250R for Ambients >50ºC

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