DIN KOS901 Signal Converter

mV Converter for DC Shunts

  • Input 0-60 mV
  • Configurable voltage output 0-10V
  • 3 way supply 24 Vac/dc


Zero/Span Pre-calibrated
Input Resistance 330 kOhm
Isolation 1.5kV (3 way)
Accuracy 0.1% F.S.R.
Linearity Error 0.10%
Max. Load Impedance >1kOhm (V)
Rise Time (10-90%) 10ms
Transmission Frequency <30Hz
Operating Voltage range DC 16,8-30V AC 19, 2-28.8V
Rated Current 13 mA 8 mA
Temperature Coefficient 150 ppm/ºK F.S.R.
Operating Temperature -25ºC to +60ºC
Storage Temperature -40ºC to +85ºC
Generic Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Generic Emmission EN 61000-6-3

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